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"Very userfriendly program. Good and realistic deal."

I downloaded SPSS 19 yesterday from this site. It takes quite a while to get it downloaded, but it's ofcourse a pretty sophisticated calculating program.

It's worth while, because I think it's a very clear and userfriendly program, not difficult to use at all. But keep your userguide near, I downloaded mine (a pfd-file) also from internet.

And about the deal. The deal is you can use this program for free for 2 weeks. Then you have to get yourself a code or something to be able to use it after those 2 weeks. There talking about a license or something I don't know exactly anymore. The point is SPSS is a commercial program, so it isn't for free, for no one, some way some how I guess you have to pay for it eventually. And if you CAN get it downloaded for free completely,, be careful, a friend of mine told her computer had virusses and stuff after that, so it can be a bait to get you a virus, and you don't want that.

(sorry if my English isnt't that good, because I'm Dutch)

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28 Aug 2011

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