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Powerful tool for managing and using your SPSS data

Important Note: SPSS does not work with Windows XP Home Edition. It requires Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Enterprise.IBM SPSS Statistics is the ultimate tool for...
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  • ครูแพร ก.พ.

    by ครูแพร ก.พ.

    It is a good software to use very easy for statistic analysis.

  • Wahyu Ari Baskara Hutomo

    by Wahyu Ari Baskara Hutomo

    there is so many statistic problem in research, and it need many time to solve it manual

  • om gana

    by om gana

    i can*t download it why??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????

  • Lina Gashi

    by Lina Gashi

    Analizimi i të dhënave dhe nxerrja e satistikave dhe rezultateve të hulumtimit në temen e diplomes.

  • Shifaa Qawasmeh

    by Shifaa Qawasmeh


  • Muhammad Shehu

    by Muhammad Shehu

    I recommend this, nmostly to research scientist, student and teachers

  • سلطان الريامي

    by سلطان الريامي

    ok very good ok very good ok very good ok very good ok very good ok very good

  • Fatima ali

    by Fatima ali

    yah it is really help for anyalsis people should use it beside other sites it is an easy time saver pp.

  • Laureta Kastrati

    by Laureta Kastrati

    help for homework in satistic obligation 123456789qwertyuiop

  • Irfan Akram

    by Irfan Akram

    I recommend it to all for you for all of your statistical purposes.. I found it quiet useful and robust software for statistical analysis. It offers almost every feature you can imagine with respect to Statistical analysis. It is good at descriptive analysis e.g. Mean, Median, Mode, Std. dev.and variance etc. as well as inferential statistics e.g. ANOVA, chi square, reliability testing etc. I recMore

  • Sooma Siloka

    by Sooma Siloka

    excellent package. it is a good package. Been using since 2007as an undergrad and also for the analysis of my final year dessertation. Pros: user frindliness. Cons: the syntax side needs improvements

  • by Anonymous

    yes . I need a spss program for learning. And find the statistics of the questionnaire in the research.

  • by Anonymous

    It is a nice tool for research data organisation, analysis interpreting. A tool good for managing research data. I need to use this software (spss version 19) for managing academic research data. It makes easy to show data analysis results

  • by Anonymous

    I have got clue on how to download the software, please can you advise me o. I have got clue on how to download the software, please can you advise me on that aspect. I have tried but i keep downloading different stuff. Pros: SPSS

  • by Anonymous

    Just excellent!. Why different versions?i think this version is quiet good for us people working with statistical data it really an amazing program!

  • by Anonymous

    Helps project as well as look backwards for trends.. Excellent data mining program. Helps project as well as look backwards for trends.

  • by Anonymous

    Worth the time getting familiarised with it!. It's solid program! Yeah, it is a bit difficult to get used to but it is a real pleasure to work with after a while! I've worked with it at one of my assignments. Pros: The depth of the info provided in detail and the graphics. Cons: I can't really say ... I'm not that experienced ...

  • by Anonymous

    SPSS is expensive and superfluous.. I was told that I had to use spss for a course I'm doing. But it was soooo expensive. Then I found out about PSPP. PSPP is a direct drop-in replacement which is free. And my fellow students found that it worked even better and faster than SPSS which they had paid $$$$ for.

  • by Anonymous

    very good and keep going !. Very good and helpful for management education thanks. Thank you

  • by Anonymous

    i m happy to use it.... awesome.. i have heard a lot regarding this program.. and trust me it is more awesome than i had heard about that.

  • by Anonymous

    instalation problem. i have windows 7 home has been installed but it doesnt open.why?? this application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.Please see the application event log or use the caommand-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail this error occurs

  • by Nick Mead

    IMPORTANT NOTE. For all those having installation problems with SPSS, please note SPSS does not work with Windows XP Home Edition. It requires Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Enterprise. Pros: - Cons: -

  • by Anonymous

    Not compatible - WTF?!?!. I have the same experience as others - when I try to install it, it says it is not compatible with my processor. I'm using Windows XP. I am quite angry now.

  • by Anonymous

    frustrating!!. I waited for one hour to fully download and eventually when preparing for installation it says package is not supported , contact product vendor!!. what to do?????

  • by Anonymous

    not good!. i waited for 7 hours for the spss 19 and 10 hours for spss 20. but i end up with nothing. you said it is compatible with windows XP/Vista/7 . i'm currently using windows 7 but then still i cannot install it properly then a message will just pop-up saying it is not compatible with my computer's system! how come? i'm not really happy with the result!!!!

  • by Anonymous

    Help!!help!!. it is SPSS 19 cannot install in HP mini 110-3004tu??for windows 7 stater??wat mean by 'Specific path is too long'..i need a solution, what can i do???

  • by Anonymous

    Very userfriendly program. Good and realistic deal.. I downloaded SPSS 19 yesterday from this site. It takes quite a while to get it downloaded, but it's ofcourse a pretty sophisticated calculating program. It's worth while, because I think it's a very clear and userfriendly program, not difficult to use at all. But keep your userguide near, I downloaded mine (a pfd-file) also from internet. And aMore

  • by Anonymous

    Experience - bad!. On my Vista SPSS doens't work. It's crushing down again and again, so I am very disapointed! For me SPSS it's low quality and unstable program.

  • by Anonymous

    not so good. spss 17 its very nice and usefull, but the problem with the program was that i could´nt hopen many exercises, and i dont no why, i tried whith spss 18 and i realized that´s much more efficient.

  • by Anonymous

    HORRIBLE!!. After I purchased the trail for SPSS, I could not get into it. I trouble shot and even e-mailed company for help and to have a few questions answered. I received NO HELP!! As a matter of fact, NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER!!! My experience was a SUCKY one! Pros: It's advertised! Cons: Not accessible!